The host of the ultimate slow jam show The Slow Grind each and every weeknight. A native of the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia, he grew up in a very structured household under the rock of the family his late-grandmother Bernice while his mother went off to college to further her education. While growing up there, he was surrounded by 5 uncles who were all hard-workers and entrepreneurs with the majority of those uncles being in the AM/FM radio business for decades going on to become Philly radio legends. Over this time, he has had the pleasure of meeting other radio legends such as Russ Parr, Egypt Sherrod, and Jaye Delai to name a few. This is what thrust him into building a radio career and later this platform to give others the opportunity to shine and build their radio dreams into careers. Greene Machine is an easy-going, driven guy that lives in Duluth, GA, has a beautiful 12 year old daughter, and loves trying out new restaurants in addition to comedy/action movies.

Robert Greene
Jarvis Jordan
Johnny Prince

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